Customizable Break Room Solutions for Northern and Central New York State Companies including Morale Boosting Micro Markets, Modern Vending Machines, Delicious Office Coffee, and Customizable Snacks Boxes.

Everything we do is built around SERVICE.

From the Custom Design of your break room refreshment program to the employees regularly restocking equipment, we are committed to unbeatable service.

We are committed to redefining break time by providing innovative refreshment solutions that promote productivity and encourage collaboration and engagment. Welcome to Black River Vending Services. Where Refreshments Meet Results and break times leave lasting impressions.

At Black River Vending Services, we redefine the break room experience with our premium Micro-Markets and innovative Smart Coolers. As the leading provider of Break Room Solutions in Northern and Central New York State, we understand the importance of creating a space that not only nourishes your employees' bodies but also invigorates their spirits. Our comprehensive services encompass Office Coffee, Pantry, and vending solutions, all meticulously designed to enhance your business's efficiency, employee morale, and productivity.

Attract and Retain Quality Employees with a custom Micro Market.

Transform your workplace with our cutting-edge Micro-Markets, offering a curated selection of fresh, wholesome snacks, beverages, and meals. These self-service markets provide your employees with the convenience of a mini-store right within your office premises, allowing them to recharge without leaving the workspace.

Black River Vending | 365 Retail Markets
Black River Vending | 365 Retail Markets
Black River Vending | 365 Retail Markets

Often called mini marts or micro-markets, these self-checkout solutions offer a chance to provide products of all types, including packaged fresh food, healthy choices, and sundries. Employees love the vast choices and the touchless purchasing options. They simply select the item of their choice, scan it at the kiosk, and pay. The system accepts mobile payment too, limiting exposure to germs.

Provide your Employees with the ability to create Coffeehouse Inspired Creations without the need of a Barista! Our Premium Office Coffee Services will allow you and your employees to have these incredible coffee options.

Black River Vending | Office Coffee

Fuel creativity and collaboration with our premium Office Coffee solutions. We understand that a great cup of coffee can set the tone for a productive day. Our carefully selected blends and brewing equipment guarantee a delightful coffee experience that will keep your team energized and engaged.

Cutting-edge Vending Machines filled with today's most Popular products.

Our tried and true vending services are second to none. We utilize today's modern innovative technology to provide the best overall vending experience for our customers. This includes monitoring all of our vending machines remotely which in return allows us to ensure will always have your favorite go to snack, thirst quenching beverage you desire, or the breakfast burrito in the food machine you get every morning as well as keeping track on temps on our food machines and beverage machines, guarenting food safety measures are met. We also accept all forms of payments at any of our vending machine locations and all of pur vending solutions are 100% customizable. We don't just provide premium vending solutions but partner with you to create the perfect solution that will benefit you and your staff.

Black River Vending | 365 Retail Markets

Black River Vending provides a Break Time that not onlys keeps your employees fueled throughout the day but also leaves a lasting impression.


Black River Vending only partners with the Best in order to provide our customers with the best overall experience.

We accomplish this by utilizing only the best in innovative technology to drive our services. From our modern top of the line market kiosk from 365 Retail markets to our automated warehouse solutions we have put in place sets us apart from our competitors. We are always observing the vending industry too stay up to date on what we can utilize to make our customers experience even better. We are 100% invested in not only our future but most importantly our most valuable assets too, our customer. All of these steps taken along with our tried and true vending and refreshment services is why we have an impeccable record of client retention that can be traced back to our Quality Service we provide overseen by our keen sense of attention to detail.

Establish a positive atmosphere within the workplace by partnering with the right break room provider. Contact Black River Vending today at (315) 788-2492 or you can email us at

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