Micro Markets not only help attract and retain top talent in the Syracuse area, but also promote Engagment and increase Productivity amongst employees.

Black River Vending | Micro-Markets

Establish a Community like atmosphere by providing a space for your employees that promotes Engagement and encourages Collaboration 

Markets are an unattended retail food and beverage store within your business that features 24/7 self-checkout convenience. With hundreds of items available and new items being added regularly, your employees will be able to enjoy fresh food made with local ingredients and healthy snacks right in your workplace without time consuming trips offsite. We will work with you to design a menu featuring fresh sandwiches, fruits, veggies, snacking staples and so much more. End-to-end product tracking from procurement through consumption ensures your micro market is filled with the products you want. For the life of your market, Black River Vending will ensure it continues to look as good as it did on the day it opened.


Black River Cafés are backed by Innovative Technology 

Black River Vending | Micro-Markets
Black River Vending | 365 Retail Markets
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We utilize today's most modern and innovative technology which enables us to provide a unique and one of a kind break time experience.

Black River Vending | 365 Retail Markets

Unlike traditional vending, Micro-Markets allow you to offer hundreds more options to choose from in an open market concept right in your company's break room. Powered by industry leading 365 Retail Market, our secure kiosk allows you to scan and pay on a secure platform using debit or credit, 365 Retail Account, Mobile Wallets, or you can pay by app. By utilizing the innovative technology 365 Retail Markets offers we are able to provide our customers with the best overall experience possible.

Benefits of Providing your employees with a Custom Micro Market from Black River Vending.

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When you provide access to fresh food, snacks, and beverages to your workforce you are ensuring to keep Employees Onsite preventing unwanted trips outside of the workplace as well as an increase in productivity.

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Micro Markets provide a space where your employees can go to refuel and recharge as well as engage with one another resulting in creating meaningful relationships.

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We utilize innovative technology in all of our markers to ensure they are always stocked with the product you and your employees crave and desire. Remote Monitoring allows us to track what is selling and what is not. So we know exactly what needs to be stocked and when. 

Products That Are Available In One Of Our Micro-Markets

Black River Pastry Icon

Fresh Pastry, Snack Cakes, and Doughnuts

Black River Salty Icon

Salty Snacks

Black River Sandwich Icon

Fresh Locally Made Grab and Go Sandwiches

Black River Cookie Icon

Cookies, Sandwich Cookies, and Premium Pastry

Black River Meal Icon

Pre-packaged Meals, Salads, and Subs

Black River Coffee Icon

Several different options for Coffee. Traditional brew, single cup, airpots, and Specialty bean to cup brewers.

Custom Micro Markets from Black River Vending

Ready to transform your break room into a hub of convenience and empowerment? Contact Black River Vending Services today to schedule a consultation. Let us show you how our Micro-Markets can reshape your break time dynamics, elevate employee morale, and create a more vibrant and connected workplace.