We are proud owners of sendasnackage.com, the world's largest online vending machine.

Having worked in the vending business for my entire adult life, I have experienced the many needs that the everyday person has for snacks and other vending revenue. In 2007, I purchased a vending company where I began to provide vending services to various different businesses and facilities. My vending services provide these companies with high quality products that can be vended through a machine at their respective locations.


Having three sons in college, I have been watching my wife go through the exasperating process of putting a snack box or "goodie box" together to send to the boys. Once she had collected all the items that she wanted to send, her next step was to get the right size boxes for packing and then getting them sent out either through the post office or UPS. After watching this process a few times it was like a light-bulb went off. I thought that since I already stock all high quality items, why not set up a side business where my company could provide these "goodie boxes" for our customers.


In today's busy world, people usually don't have the time to do all of the steps it takes to send a care package... Now all they need to do is get on the Send a Snackage website and let us do the packing and shipping for them.

   -Jeff Curtis

   President | Co-Owner


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