Serving Northern and Central New York State Companies

Since 2007, Black River Vending has been Northern and Central New York State's go to provider for Full Line Vending Services, Custom Micro Markets, and Office Coffee Services

Black River Vending Services, Inc. demonstrates on a daily basis that it is a premier provider of complete vending and office coffee services. The company's unsurpassed account retention is testimony to the success of its customer-driven, total quality approach to business. Block River is a Family owned company. Black River Vending Services, Inc, has been operating in Watertown, NY and Potsdam, NY since October of 2007. Black River Vending Services, Inc, employees represent over 40 years of experience in the vending industry, company culture of longevity, commitment, superior customer service, and quality products is a direct result of the dynamics of this type of ownership and is one of the factors that differentiates Black River Vending Services, Inc. from its competitors

Custom Micro Markets

Our custom micro markets are individually talored for each customer are agree at retention tool when hiring new employees as well as a great focal point for any break room. What makes it even better is when Black River Vending is the one taking care of it. We spare no exspense when it comes to providing our customers with the most unique and one of a kind vending experience. 

Innovative Technology

We are fully commited to providing the best overall experience to our customers. By utilizing today's modern innovative technology we are able to provide the most efficient and convenient experience from end to end. Remotely monitoring our product levels in all of our vending machines and micro markets ensures the desired snack or beverage will be there waiting for you, guarenteed. 

Full Line Vending

Our tried and true Full line Vending Services is top of the line. From todays modern equipment equipped with innovative technology like remote monitoring to accepting cashless payments, BRV leaves no box unchecked.

Black River Vending Services is a local, family-owned business invested in supporting other locally owned businesses and their surrounding community. We are life long residents and neighbors of the community and are commited to supporting the local area anyway we can.

We are a company that is small enough to care yet big enough to support our customers without corporate restrictions. If there is a special request from one of our customers we can fulfill it usually without any issues. We are focused on meeting each and everyone of our customers expectations. That is our top priority. 

We will be the last Break Room Service Provider you will ever need to contact. Your one stop shop for all of your break room essentials.

We proudly offer Customizable Self Check Out Markets powered by Industry leading giant 365 Retail Markets. Provide 24/7 access to fresh and healthier food options to help encourage healthy eating habits

Our tried and true Full line Vending Services is top of the line. From todays modern equipment equipped with innovative technology like remote monitoring to accepting cashless payments, BRV leaves no box unchecked.

Premium Coffee Services including traditional brewers, bean to cup brewers, single cup brewers, and hot beverage vending machines.

We take all the hassle out of getting a "goodie box" to a son or daughter at college, a family member on active military duty, or any occasion where you want to get a care package to someone. Order Online at, the world's largest online vending machine, and we will take care of the rest!

We're not just business owners but also neighbors as well as life long residents of the area. We are 100% invested into our local community, supporting other local small businesses 

Snack Boxes without the Hassles!

Have a son in college in need of care package? Spouse on active duty and is craving their favorite snacks? Mother in law who lives alone in need of a goodie bag just to let her know you are thinking of her? Well you are in luck. We own and operate, the largest online vending machine available! It's as easy as 1,2,3. Choose the candys and snacks you want then we do the rest. No you can take the hassle out and be rest assured your custom snack box will arrive with no sorry. Wether it's 10 or 100, we have got your covered.

Black River Vending cares about the Environment and are committed to doing whatever we can possibly do to reduce our impact on the environment and are always open for discussion, advice, or innovative ideas on things we could be doing.

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5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Northern (Dexter, Watertown, Massena) and Central (Auburn, Syracuse, Cortland) New York State Break Room, Without Breaking the Bank.

When I think of a company Break Room, I honestly think of it as the heart of the office. If established properly, then this is where your employees will come to obviously take a break. That is only the beginning though. This space is where your Northern and Central New York State employees come to engage with one another, to collaborate on current projects and tasks, to discuss plans and ideas, and really to get to know one another on a personal level. This is where a community inspired environment can be created from and what better way to have a positive impact than to spruce up the company break room and doing so without breaking the bank! Here are 5 great ways that are not only impactful and make a difference immediately but are also extremely cost-effective. Pay attention to the following key office components to stretch your money and maximize effectiveness:

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Why your Syracuse Break Room needs a Custom Micro Market from Black River Vending

In this day and age break room amenities are at the top of an employees must have list. Micro Markets show your new hires and rewarding your dedicated workers. A custom Micro Market from Black River Vending not only ensures that your Northern or Central New York Workforce will have 24/7 access to fresh food options and beverages but also anchors employee desire to continue with company. Recent studies have shown that Break Room amenities are at the top of employees must haves. 

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