5 Ways to Brighten Up Your Northern (Dexter, Watertown, Massena) and Central (Auburn, Syracuse, Cortland) New York State Break Room, Without Breaking the Bank.

Published on 14 September 2022 at 19:46

5 Cost Effective Ways to Update and Brighten The Company Break Room.

When I think of a company Break Room, I honestly think of it as the heart of the office. If established properly, then this is where your employees will come to obviously take a break. That is only the beginning though. This space is where your Northern and Central New York State employees come to engage with one another, to collaborate on current projects and tasks, to discuss plans and ideas, and really to get to know one another on a personal level. This is where a community inspired environment can be created from and what better way to have a positive impact than to spruce up the company break room and doing so without breaking the bank! Here are 5 great ways that are not only impactful and make a difference immediately but are also extremely cost-effective. Pay attention to the following key office components to stretch your money and maximize effectiveness:

5 Cost Effective Ways to Spruce Up Your Northern and Central New York Company Break Room

1.Natural light — Increasing exposure to natural light has been scientifically proven to reduce headaches associated with artificial light. Consider moving your breakroom to a room with abundant natural light for a happier and more productive team.

2.Color — Recent science has proven that certain colors can have different impacts in the workforce. Pricey paint jobs are not needed, just pops of color in strategic places! Consider yellow for creativity and innovation; blue and green for a sense of well-being and focus; red to incite passion and inspiration.

3.House plants — Plants clean the air and reduce office noises, stress and sickness. They’re also attractive to clients and job applicants. The responsibility of taking care of a living thing also boosts team morale. This can be an individual task or one that is shared among several employees. Allowing your employees to place plants around the break area or cubical area not only establishes a sense of belonging and ownership to that individual but also allows them to put a personal touch within that area they will spend time in collaborating and engaging with other employees.

4.Furniture — High-quality furniture tells your employees that you care about their comfort. And be sure to mix up your space: accessible tables invite collaboration; cozy lounge chairs offer relaxation; additional desk spaces can drastically increase productivity, allowing a change of scenery from the cubicle. Allow your employees to give their input and opinions on what they prefer when it comes to furniture. Also trending in many offices from coast to coast are standing desks. This may be something your staff would be interested in considering. Standing desks are great when it comes to promoting productivity too!

5.Coffee and snacks — Along with new comfy furniture that is welcoming and inviting, employees feel supported emotionally and professionally when there are healthy food options and plenty of coffee and teas to choose from.

Black River Vending | Break Room

Applying one or all of these tips will completely update your New York Break Room, but it’s not necessary to do them all at the same time. Bring in beautiful plants, add colorful art pieces, and invite employees to work where they feel most productive. Providing a varied beverage and snack station is always a great place to start. Since 2007, Black River Vending has been the go to provider for premium full line vending and workplace refreshments in Northern and Central New York State, So if sprucing up the break room and amenities is a most for you and your staff, start with what will have the biggest and most positive impact first. Snacks and Refreshments!

Whether it's a beautiful custom Micro Market or maybe a snack and beverage vending solution would work best for your company. No matter the situation, Black River has a solution to meet your specific needs. Contact us today to set up a free site assessment and consultation and see what solution will be the most appropriate for your Break Room. Remember we been at this a long time. We may even have a few ideas and pointers on a break room update! Don't hesitate to ask.

Reach out today to speak with one of our highly trained Break Room Professionals to set up a free site assessment and consultation. We will thoroughly discuss all the Brak Room Solutions we have to offer and help you decide the appropriate solution for your Northern or Central New York State Break Room. No matter if you are located up north in Massena or south towards Syracuse, Black River Vending is here to proudly serve you and your employees. If you are interested in any of our refreshment solutions please click the link below. You will be on your way to providing your New York State employees with not only a better break time but one that leaves a lasting impression.

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